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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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scene between gallows road and the beltway. jeff goldberg is there with new information. you spoke to the police moments ago. what are they saying? jeff: yeah, we are going to get right to it. it will be joined by the fairfax county police chief ed rossler. what can you tell us about what happened? >> 4:50 p.m. this afternoon we received multiple 911 calls for an active shooter at 8111 gate house road. immediately the officers entered the building and the reaction team to attack the person that was firing the rounds. i can tell you now we have a deceased male that appears to be the shooter. the building is still active as far as evacuating those that sheltered in place. there was a daycare center in the building. this is not the school board headquarter
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to the schoolboard headquarters. >> you believe the man firing the rounds in a self-inflicted gunshot wounds and you believe he is the one person deceased. no other victims you are saying. that is good newell. no current threat. do you have any idea who the individual was targeting perhaps or what he was saying or what he was after? >> let me be perfectly clear, the threat is still active. this is an active scene. six-story building with a basement and a roof. our officers are still doing sweeps of every floor. we are still evacuating and rescuing people inside the building. jeff: do you have any idea whether there is an active shooter or an about tv situation you are still -- active situation that you are still looking for a suspect? >> this is active situation. and we are on the effort to clear the entire six floors, basement and the roof of the building. our s.w.a.t. team and other special operations division personnel will then conduct a secondary sweep of the building until we can render it all clear. jeff: thank you, chief. you hea
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about this is an active situation. different information than we were giving a while ago. one person, an adult male is dead. they believe that the individual was the shooter. man who entered the building, an office building on the 8100 block and started to fire multiple rounds in the building. again, who the individual was targeting. what his motives were, what he was doing is still unknown. it was a decare center in the building. the children, according to the chief have been accounted for. they are safe. no other victims to report at this moment. but again, the chief says officers are still going through the six-story building, combing the building looking for any other potential threat. this is angoing situation. as we get more information, we will bring it to you. live in falls church, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: a scary situation. we will check back in with you as need-be. abc7 can alert you anytime news breaks. go to to sign up
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like that sent directly to your phone. michelle: a message of hate stapled over a call for unity at american university. now the university is hoping someone recognizes this person in this video believed to be responsible. at least ten confederate flag signs with cotton attached to them were found across campus. richard reeve is at american university for us. this is causing a huge outcry on campus. what are students saying? richard: big security concerns by the students. look at this. this is an open campus. a lot of folks wondering how the guy slipped on campus undetected, slipped away but left messages of hate. this surveillance video shows the man police are looking for. >> we actually have a suspect. not a person of interest. a suspect. richard: investigators say he slipped on campus undetected and left ten confederate flag posters with to then
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richard: a.u. senior lauren got a security text alert in her room. >> i was angry and frustrated. i didn't want to leave my room. it was late at nighted i'm scared. what if the person is still out here. >> the posters discovered tuesday night. the same everything the campus dedicated the antiracist research and policy center. >> do not let the terrorists slow you down or fear you down. richard: wednesday a packed emotional town hall. >> so that human dignity and incluse define us. richard: fearful students. >> what if the next time they have a gun? >> we are doing everything we can to identify this individual who is responsible for last night's crimes. richard: from the a.u. president, an urgent plea. mr. we ask that you view the videos, you look at the photos. this is the individual on camera that has done the
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richard: now the school sils it has 600 surveillance cameras. more police on campuses, buses. students here say it will be much more watchful. everyone hoping that the suspect is caught soon. michelle: that is a clear picture so hopefully they find him. thank you, richard. it was four months ago that someone hung bananas from nooses across the american university campus. the hateful displays appeared after the school elected the first african-american woman student body president. so far, no one has been charged. police treat the incident as a hate crime. alison: caught on video. >> i'm sorry. my dad had surgery. what are you doing? i will walk off. don't touch me. alison: this woman dragged off a southwest plane at b.w.i. yesterday. the airline says she claimed to have a deadly allergy to dogs and complained about the comfort dogs that were on the flight. but withou
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they said she had to get off the plane. the airline is now apologizing. michelle: the taliban and isis are taking credit for a rocket attack on an airport in afghanistan. secretary of defense james mattis is believed to have been the target. mattis landed in kabul hours earlier but had left the airport before the barrage that included 29 rocket propelled grenades. during the u.s. and afghan response, a missile malfunction killed at least one person and injured several others. alison: no word yet on what sparked this fire at the embassy of ecuador on 15th real estate northwest this morning. more than 100 firefighters battled flames that could be seen all around d.c. the embassy's age, the ceiling height and the pitched roof made fighting the fire a real challenge. two firefighters have minor injuries now. no embassy personnel, though, were hurt. michelle: what began as an investigation into a deadly house fire in bethesda turned into a much larger mystery. two
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was found dead in this house. investigators now say he didn't live in that house. authorities have also discovered tunnels, wiring and chemicals beneath the home on danbury road. khafra's parents say their son was friends with the homeowner daniel beckwitt. there is no word on daniel's current location. calls for helping in hurricane maria's aftermath. the major resources en route to puerto rico and those in our area taking rescue efforts into their own hands. malthieves striking at the most vulnerable time. new video of people taking advantage of a natural disaster. steve: it's hot and humid out there now. temperature is 89 degrees at reagan national airport. we have a cold front on the backdoor step. i will tell you when it's set to arrive and the impact for the rest of the week and into the upcoming weekend. stay with us.
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y'all take a look at this man. he held up three stores this month. >> it's a life or death situation. if you do the wrong thing the trigger could easily be pulled. alison: the longer he ison
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to hurt someone. reward is offered for a tip leading to an arrest. caught on video, a pair of thieves smashing their way into this gun store. this is out in washington county. police say the men swiped more than a dozen firearms from the clear spring gun shoppe. this happened early saturday morning. both thieves there, you can see were wearing masks and gloves. so far, no arrests. michelle: new video showing looting in texas in hurricane harvey's aftermath. police say the men pried open a door to get in a beauty supply store. one of them was so excited he crashed in the mannequin and it falls on top of him. the men stole so much stuff they had to ride on top of the s.u.v. as they made the get away. alison: still ahead right here -- >> it's frustrating and just a sense of not being able to help out. alison: the man racing to puerto rico to pull his relatives out of hurricane
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michelle: trapped on the brink. the race to save a woman from a truck inches from plunging into a lake. alison: this is skytrak7 right now. over a shooting in falls church. this is breaking news today. at least one person is dead. police are still there going floor by floor. of the six-story building searching for possible victims or survivors. we have coney island has been around for a long, long time. reminds me of how geico has been saving people money for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy. sorry, 'scuse me! oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service. get your rate quote today.
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welcome back at "abc7 news at 6:00". we are continuing to follow breaking news in falls church. we can tell you one man is dead in a shooting that took place in an office park in falls church. police do believe that the man who is dead was man who was also the shooter in this case. we want to show you this very active scene. 8100 of gate house road in falls church. police actively on the scene. you can see at 4:45 this afternoon, multiple 911 calls coming in of a shooting taking place in an office building in falls church. authorities say an individual fi
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the building. they had a huge police response as you can see to the area. just before 5:00 today. police do believe that the man who was firing the shots is the man who was dead in the situation. there is also a daycare facility inside the building. the chief of police for fairfax county says he believes that all the children are accounted for and okay. here is what the chief had to say 15 minutes ago. >> at this time, we found one deceased male that appears to be the shooter. we are still combing the building to get victims or those that are shelter-in-place out of shelter. jeff: so again you are looking at this very active scene. authorities, the officers are still inside the building on the office park looking for any threat at the moment. there are no victims in this case.
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the search is not yet complete. they are still inside the building. but one individual is dead, adult male. they believe that the person who is dead is also the individual who is firing rounds inside that building before 4:45 today. the last thing, the big question, of course, what was the motive. what was the individual saying. what was he seeking? at this point no information on word on why this happened. that is information that police are certainly going to try to gather from the witnesses they are speaking with. we will follow this story all night on abc7 news. live in falls church, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. back to you in the studio. alison: thank you for latest there. meanwhile, montgomery county transportation is taking new steps to thwart vandals after someone put a crude message on the sign at the conner of connecticut avenue and jones bridge -- corner of connecticut afternoon and jones bridge road. it was up overnight. it was supposed to warn about an alternate route to avoid purple line construction. now crews put
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on the sign. they are using traffic cameras nearby as security cameras. michelle: must-see video from oklahoma. terrifying experience for a driver caught in rushing water. she got trapped after a spillway road flooded. this is not the video. there it is. you can see there is just a tiny guardrail that kept that s.u.v. from being swept in the river. rescuers move in on ath theered raft and -- tethered raft and pull her out through the window. other than being soaked and shaken, the woman was not seriously hurt. puerto rico struggles after hurricane maria, the white house is under pressure to suspend prohibition on foreign ships delivering supplies from the u.s. mainland. meantime, the uss comfort, a hospital ship, will leave norfolk on friday loaded with doctors, nurses and medical supplies. facebook is sending teams to the island to help restore communications. meanwhile, rapper pitbull sent his prva
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cancer patients to the mainland for chemotherapy treatment. alison: ten d.c. police officers arrived in puerto rico late this afternoon to help in the recovery effort. the group left this morning with a mission of helping state police there any way they can. the officers are all puerto rican. who felt compelled to help the fellow americans. michelle: as maryland bureau chief brad bell reports, the concern is one shared by many in the area. desperate for any word from loved ones. brad: aroyo has been watching the news, combing social media for any word on his family back in puerto rico. >> it's devastating. for the first few nights not being able to fall asleep and not knowing if family members had a home. brad: like so many here, he works for a division of the abc7 parent company sinclair have been overwhelmed with emotion and feeling of helplessness. knowing the family was suffering. the family liv
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west of san juan. houses were spared by maria. like everyone else on the island they are struggling to get by. >> it's frustrating. is sense of not being able to help out. brad: he has a plan. he seflying to puerto rico next week. >> i have a one-way ticket for my grand mother who is 80 years old. she doesn't even know i'm coming to get her. brad: in the meantime, anyone who can help, give what you can. the need remains overwhelming. brad bell, abc7 news. steve: right now we look out live at the national harbor gearing up for a beautiful sunset around the d.m.v. it feels more like the middle of august around here. with a high of 791 degrees. right now at the airport, 89. it's 87 at dulles. 88 in manassas. 81 in elkins, west virginia. 73 in oakland, maryland. heat index values, hard to believe we are talking about
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tepid of september and feels like 93 degrees. stay cool, stay comfortable for overnight hours. a cooldown on the way later tonight. for this evening we look for temperatures falling in the 70's. quick update for you on maria. a hurricane right now with the winds at 75 miles per hour. moving north/northeast at 7. it will continue that track for tomorrow and the rest of the week with no additional threat to the mainland of the united states. 65 to 72 tonight. winds kick off as cold front approaches from the north and west. mild start to thursday morning. off to work and school. upper 60's to 70 degrees. cold front moves on through. once that happens, the winds will change direction. also going to increase. wake up tomorrow to 25 to 30 miles per hour. look at the cooldown. highs will only be in the upper 70's. ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. on
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75 on friday. the weekend looks fantastic. around 71 degrees. come monday and tuesday looking at the temperatures lower to the middle 70's with the nighttime lows in the 50's. then moving toward next week, the temperatures end of next week upper 70's. cold front
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erin: today was day two of the wizards training camp on the v.c.u. campus in wizards. their stability gives them an early head start for the race for dominance in the east. if john wall can put up similar numbers as last year for a team on top of the conference that could be a major boost to his m.v.p. resume. >> i can be improving every day to get better. i still have a lot to prove in this league. erin: all right. we look forward to seeing it. we look forward to seeing this guy. bryce harper is back in the nationals' line-up for second game in a row. last night harper played four innings in right field in philly and went hitless in three at-bats. he has four more games to shake off the rust. normally he would have had the assignment in the minors but their season ended already so the nats really had no other
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action. >> go deep counts. the first one and the second one as well. took it over the plate. try to attack it the best i could. i saw a lot of pitches tonight. i'm excited about that. erin: we are happy about this. join us every sunday night that the nationals are in the playoffs for a special half-hour show "washington's road to the championship." that is sunday night at 11:30 on abc. don't forget d.c. united are in new york tonight to face the red bulls. coverage starts at 7:00 on newschannel8. michelle: all right. we'll be cheering. alison: is it going to feel like fall? steve: it is. by this time tomorrow a much different feel out there. if you like the heat and the humidity take a deep breath. tomorrow is not as humid. on the breezy side. cooler for the weekend. nice looking week next week. week from this friday, be ready for that. michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir is up next.
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tonight, your money, your taxes. president trump's new plan. what it means for you. after several efforts to repeal obamacare fail, the president now turns to a major tax overhaul. proposed cuts for middle class families, also major cuts for corporations and wealthy americans. also tonight, the crisis in puerto rico. a full week after the hurricane hit, more than a million people without power or drinking water. the mayor of san juan tonight saying people are starting to die. the deadly showdown. the police video just released. the suspect jumping from his pickup, firing at police. officers responding. tonight, abc news obtaining some of the russian ads bought on facebook. you


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